About Jubar

At Jubar, our ambition is to create simple and effective tools for the day-to-day management of the Cisco Contact Center, so our customers can focus on providing highest quality service and experience to their own customers.

We believe that employees who perform the tasks they are responsible for themselves are far more responsible, efficient and creative in their task solution. Without being dependent on a consultant, specialist or IT department. In the big picture, this means less costs, faster job solving and increased innovation.

Therefore, we design our solution to the non-technical employee. And the rest to the administrator.

Morten Skovborg

Specialist in programming applications for CCX and CUCM.

Morten has 15+  years of experience in Cisco telephony, Java and C # programming, and he designs, develops and implements solid custom solutions within CCX and CUCM.

Mette Bjødstrup

User Experience designer with 10+ years of experience.

On the Jubar platform Mette is the guarantee of a constantly evolving featureset presented in an intuitive interface. Based on the needs of users and with the effective workflow in mind.

As a User Experience designer Mette also provides clients with UX services for  projects on e.g. internal systems or new digital solutions. Services like user reseach, user testing, workshops, interviews and web statistics, transformed into user journeys, wireframes, sitemaps, specifications or test cases.