With graphical calendar, flow charts and overview of all sound files, it is easy to maintain and optimize your Call flow. So your customers always experience the voice channel contact as relevant.

Plan and organise with the Calendar

The Calendar is the Heart of the Call flow Planner. This is where you design your Call flow for the day, a standard week or special days. What should happen, when and in what order. All organized in Calendar Events.

There are no limits on Events and the Call flow can variate unlimited both within and outside opening hours.

This means full flexibility in your Call flow. You can have different Messages during the day, have different Menus in the morning and afternoon and quickly add Ad-hoc Messages to the Call flow. The Calendar gives you unique overview of the Call flow in Standard weeks, on Closing days and on Public holidays.

Sound library

All Messages are organized in a Central library from where they are assigned to one or more call flow. This means a full overview of Sound files that are available and one central place to upload, Speak and edit existing Messages.

Reuse the same Message in more Call flow and do your editing in one place – the Sound library.

Speak a Message on your Phone and use in multiple Call flow right away

Ad-hoc Messages can be recorded when needed and can be placed as any type of Message, e.g. a Service Messages or Menu message.

User management

With Role-based access control you can differentiate user access and control what call flow and features the user can create, edit or view. E.g. a user can edit opening hours but not make changes to the Queue. This way local administrators and Supervisors can execute daily adjustments to the call flow themselves, and only within their own call flow or part of it.

  • No technical support needed
  • Less operations for System administrator
  • Improved Customer Experience


Menus can be simple with e.g. three menu items for three queues, or they can be up to 12 multi-level menu items. There are no limits.


The queue is where the customer waits to talk to an employee. While listening to music, service messages and getting to know what number he is in the queue.


Redirect can be an alternative to queues and you can forward to external or internal numbers, such as search groups.


Feature list

Create and maintain:

  • Messages (record or upload)
  • Menus (unlimited levels and individual opening hours on each key)
  • Queues (music, service -, and number in line messages and CSQ overflow)
  • Forward to number (internal and external number)

Calendar to organize:

  • Opening hours
  • Standard week and Special days
  • Public holidays
  • Ad-hoc Messages

Flow diagram for overview:

  • Graphical overview of all corners of the call flow
  • Print and PDF version for documentation

Central libraries to work smarter

  • All messages and forward to number are created and maintained in central libraries
  • All messages and forward to number can be used across all call flow

System administrator

  • Users: add Roles to users and give access to Call flow
  • Triggers: Create and add Triggers to Call flow

Hardware and Access

  • CCX version 10.6 or newer (Call flow planner is compatible with both Finesse and CAD)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Microsoft SQL server 2012 (MSSQL) on Microsoft 2012 R2 server.