Call flow Planner

CMS for Cisco Contact Center Express (CCX)

Jubar Call flow Planner is a web based self-service tool for Cisco Contact Center Express. The tool enables local administrators and Supervisors to easily manage daily or decentralized operations within all corners of the Call flow.

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Easy to use

Call flow Planner is an intuitive and user friendly tool. It is designed to the non-technical user and all central operations within a call flow can be managed by employees with no technical skills. E.g. to speak and add a message, edit opening hours or make changes to the menu.

  • Great user experience
  • Seamless and quick adjustments
  • No Technical support needed

User management

With Role-based access control you can differentiate user access and manage what call flow and features the user can create, edit or view. E.g. a user can edit opening hours but not make changes to the Queue.

This way local administrators and Supervisors can execute daily adjustments to the call flow themselves, and only within their own call flow or part of it.

  • Decentralise to local administrators
  • Less operations for System administrator
  • Improved Customer Experience

You can’t brake it

It’s all about standard scripting. All the classic elements of a Call flow like Messages, Menus, Queues, Forward to Number etc. are standard elements, tested and squished to the limit in creative use. We do the standards, so you and your company can focus on designing great and unique Call flow experiences for your Customers.

  • Standard system
  • No Custom code
  • No need for technical CCX experts
  • Less potential errors